question of CookieDough : would you recommend OH Virtual Academy for entering your child in school
my son is a Type 1 diabetic and I am home schooling him leaning for at least a couple of years (he starts kindergarten in August of this year), also because I want that he have to meet other children / dealing activities, is what Your best recommendation for a few hours / teams / clubs in the Dayton / Cincinnati, which will not break the bank, how expensive skating lessons (answer one part of this question depends on your experience, thank you) Best Answer:

response from sha_lyn68
First you need to be implemented as virtual charter schools and homeschooling OHVA two completely different things. You should research and find out what you are interested in. Virtual charter schools are public schools. Most virtual charter schools host activities for their students. Many homeschool groups may not allow participation of virtual charter Schüler.Sie a wealth of information on both homeschooling and virtual charter schools are at A to Z, including state-specific information and lists of groups etc: http://homeschooling.gomilpitas . com /

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