Question by Garrett Hirschman: Will getting a business degree at this online college help me attain a better job.?
I’m attending the university of phoenix online, in business. I am a little worried whether or not this type of degree is respected among employers, and if it really is as good as going to college in real-life.

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Answer by JD
As long as the college is accredited your degree will meet the requirement for a degree for most employers.

More and more colleges are going to multiple delivery formats. Colleges like University of Phoenix and Devry have been pioneers in this arena. They do it better than most. For business, this format should be ok.

As far as “respected”, it relative to who is doing the hiring. Also keep in mind the military, for example, recognizes these type of schools, and encourages their use because of the flexibility.

I believe we are going to see the way colleges and Universities deliver their studies. As technology improves it’s becoming less and less relevant to be physically located on a campus, especially with the global economy.

Working on a degree online is actually much harder. The requirements are not less stringent. You have to be much more disciplined. The way Phoenix does it is closer to how corporate education is conducted. Also, in addition to a degree, corporations want professional certification.

The short answer, a degree from the U of Phoenix will get you past the “gatekeepers”!

btw –

>”college in real-life”

The traditional “college campus” is not real life!

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