Question by XYZ: What kind of job can I get with an online MBA from an accredited university?
I hold a Bachelor’s from an online university (accredited and has a campus) and I am about to start my MBA at the same institution. What are my chances to take a job? Is it very hard to find a job if I have online degrees only? I live overseas and this is the only way to get my education. Will I be able to find a job?
I have no job experience yet, I’m very young. I’m taking Finance as specialization.

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Answer by Anna P
They are not that well-received but there are ways to make them carry more value. Make sure you do MORE than is required, such as projects and research papers, that you can use as a “portfolio” in some cases. Get internships! That is critical to your success with online degrees. Get 2-3 if you can, more than need from the program, so that your resume shows a variety of field experiences. Take the hardest coursework available–that will also help. Get together with anyone you can, and get as much help and advice from the professors as possible, given their limited role. AND connect with any alumni.

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