Students and faculty talk about their experiences with Harvard Extension School’s online classroom. With more than 150 online courses open to the public – many of which are taught by faculty from other Harvard schools – students from around the world have access to Harvard academics. To learn more about the distance education options available to you at Harvard Extension School, visit Featured in the video (in order of appearance): Matthew Longcore, student Jeffry Jones-Hutchinson, student Chawna Cota, student Mathew Kaiser, PhD, Associate Professor of English, Harvard University Kurt W. Fischer, PhD, Charles Bigelow Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education Harry R. Lewis, PhD, Gordon MacKay Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University Mary Delaney-Pearson, student Jan L. Feldman, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Vermont Kathy Neenan, student Robert J. Allison, Professor and Chair of History, Suffolk University Ivette DeRubens, student