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Question by naruhina67: How many college credits do you need for freshman year to become a sophmore? So I’m taking a few AP classes in high school and I know if I pass the tests for them I will get college credit. I was just wondering how many college credits I need to be considered [...]

Question by irene: How can I start a homeschool for my 12 year old daughter? My daughter who is now sitting in 6th grade and is not happy about her school. She complains about her teachers and friends and tells me that she wants to homeschool next year. I’m a single parent and barely making [...]

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Question by Krispekream: Is is possible to switch from cyber schooling to homeschooling for your senior year of high school? I’ve been home schooled for almost all my life as a student, up until 9th grade, where i joined a cyber school. I’m in 11th grade now, and i’d like to switch back to traditional [...]

Question by Rene’: Did anyone homeschooling use Georgia Virtual Academy this year! What are the pros and cons? I’m thinking about it for my daughter, she going to the eight grade . I need more assistance with home school what is the best online course. Best answer: Answer by pugs5678I dont use georigia I use [...]