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Browsing the tag Through Leila Crouse, a public health educator from Southern California, was able to complete her Masters degree online through Western Governors University while working full time and caring for a family of six. Selected to speak at the WGU Winter Commencement, Crouse shares her experiences and talks about the benefits of earning her degree online [...]

Question by lil lady: Just wondering if anyone has gone through an online nursing program? How does it compare to the class room? I really want to get my nursing degree, but don’t have the time right now to be in a time commitment in a traditional class-room setting. I’m hoping someone has had luck [...]

Question by nickname???: Best university for MCA through distance education? Hi can any one tell me the best university for MCA through distance education?? What are the things I need to check before going for any university in distance education?? M planning to do MCA thru distance…. Thanks! Best answer: Answer by best.palI think you [...]