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Question by brian l: What do employers think of online MBA degrees? I am on active duty in the Navy and the only way that I can complete my MBA is through an online course. In general, do employers look more favorably on traditional degrees vice online programs? Best answer: Answer by A Voice Crying [...]

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Question by Ao: What do you think about COVA (Colorado Virtual Academy)? Are their courses good for high school? How much time a day do you spend? or is it better for you to learn through making your own curriculum and why? Speak from your experience Thanks! Best answer: Answer by Grammie CI don’t know [...]

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Question by golden_kryptonite: Where you think Distance Education will be in the next 5 years.? Do you think there will be Distance Education High Schools? Do you think more people will take distance ed courses? Do you think Distance Education will grow—or do you think Distance Education is a dying trend that will eventually fade? [...]

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