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Question by : Managers: Between 2 equally qualified people, would you hire the one who earned their MBA online or in person? I really want to hear from people who have experience hiring. If you had to choose between two applicants who are 100% equally qualified and have all the same experience and personality traits [...]

Question by bell09: Has anyone received their master’s degree online?? (especially in healthcare or education field? I am thinking about getting my master’s degree online, but a little skeptical about it. Do employers really hire people with online degrees? Do they care? Best answer: Answer by Tom JAs long as the college (online or campus [...]

Question by crossing_the_rubicon: Can someone who registered for K12 do their classwork in the afternoon? I am going to help my sister when she starts the K12 program this year and I wanted to know if she can do her classwork in the afternoon since I have morning classes. Also, about how long will she [...]