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Question by : How many college credits does it take to get an associate degree? I would like to know how many credits do you need in a community college in order to get an associates degree? Also what is better a master’s degree or an associate degree? Thanks very much for your help. Best [...]

Question by babydoll32: How many college credits should I take with a new baby? I am currently a college junior and will be having my first baby in late august. I was just wondering from other student-mothers how many credit hours you would recommend that I take during the fall semester. I am planning on [...]

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Question by monkeyundermypillow: I want to take distance education, is it worth it? Most places don’t offer full distance education, I found a place, but it isn’t a degree or diploma, just a program. I was interested in Legal Assistant. I am currently on maternity leave and just want to be able to help out [...]

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Question by Elle: Cyber schooling- Is it possible to take Ap or Honors classes? Can you take Ap and Honors classes in any of the cyber school programs like K12 and etc? Also, what are some good ways to convince parents that this is a good idea and to let me enroll in cyber school? [...]

Question by MDV! : How long does it take to get home schooled with k12? Its because school here starts this Thursday. Wgould i have enough time to get settled in with k12 b4 the first day of school? Best answer: Answer by LindaPamProbably not, but if your parents agree, go for it anyway. There [...]

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