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question by Katie : How many college credits can be transferred to Vanderbilt University and not a transfer student must I am educated at home and at community college courses and courses in other locations. I want to apply and even qualify for the first year. Is there a limit per semester can I earn? [...]

Question by ejmfc: How good does Student Council look on a college resume? I have been elected my 9th grade rep. I was rep in 7th and 8th grade at the same school (the school is a middle and high school combined with the same student council). I may want to transfer schools (if i [...]

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Question by Emmanuel: How can I earn college credits without actually enrolling as a student? Is there some way to just pay for the classes that will grant me credits, without ever giving my full commitment to the college? (4 years of slavery to massive loans) I am 23 years, who has never completed college, [...]

Is Online High School Right For Your Student? Over the past several years, Colorado families have been the beneficiary of the growth of online high school options.  Colorado online high schools have proven to be a valuable education choice for many students and their families who are looking for an alternative to the traditional school [...]

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