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Is An Online High School Diploma The Right Choice For Your Child? You must have heard of success stories of various children who opted for online high school diploma. But there are others as well who have failed miserably. This situation has many times put parents in jeopardy when deciding the most suitable way of [...]

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@ secretagentmama in the 6-J! VOO HOO! I know … I felt like maybe I actually did something right! And then I fell in love with a K12 more! – MommaIncredible (Heather)

Is Online High School Right For Your Student? Over the past several years, Colorado families have been the beneficiary of the growth of online high school options.  Colorado online high schools have proven to be a valuable education choice for many students and their families who are looking for an alternative to the traditional school [...]

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Hi friends, I am a graduate [BSc (MSCS)] from India and planning to study MS in USA. For this I have to complete 4 years of graduation to be eligible to study MS. So, to complete the 4-year graduation I studied MSU in Distance Education, University of Osmaniye, Belgrade, AP. My suspicion is that ‘the [...]

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