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Question by dentakleen: How is it like taking an online degree? Im thinking about doing my Master’s Degree at a Public University? I am a Junior in college, and I will be applying to graduate school next year. I live in New York. I am thinking about doing a Master’s Degree online at CUNY or [...]

I KEEP ON RUNNING INTO PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMESCHOOLING THESE DAYS. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING IT AND HOW DID YOU GET INTO IT? Ive been doing it for four years and I found out about it through my cousin. Actually, I homeschooled [my son] through public school the first year, cyber charter for [...]

Question by lauren: Masters of Public Health via Distance Education? I’ve just graduated from college with a degree in Nutrition, but I want to further my education in public health. I was wondering if anyone out there had any personal preference with good online or distance education schools for a M.P.H? Best answer: Answer by [...]

Question by Babygirl: What are the similarities and differences in homeschool verses public school? I have to write a comparative/contrast essay on homeschool vs. public school. I was just wondering if I could get some imput on the subject. I have a friend who homeschools her children and so I got a statement from her, [...]

Question by tt: Is it possible for my child to attend the virtual academy and public school? He going to be in Kindergarten I want to be involed in my childs learning. I am looking into the virtual academy which is an at home public school. I am wondering if I can also enroll my [...]