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Question by sweetbrowneyedgirl64: About how much does an online degree master’s degree program cost? And do most accept Pell Grants ? Best answer: Answer by Sandy JMay be this site can help you Add your own answer in the comments!

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Monday March 2 6:00PM Olscamp 221 Tuesday March 3 6:00PM Olscamp 21 Are you a college student who is looking for: –A paid internship? –A resume builder? –A chance to gain real world experience? –Custom designed learning curriculum that can earn you college credit? –An opportunity to meet lifelong friends and have fun? –Live in [...]

Question by lil lady: Just wondering if anyone has gone through an online nursing program? How does it compare to the class room? I really want to get my nursing degree, but don’t have the time right now to be in a time commitment in a traditional class-room setting. I’m hoping someone has had luck [...] – If you want to build a successful career these days then you need to choose your courses very carefully. There are different kinds of career related courses available these days which can surely help you develop your career in the right direction. Choosing the right program for yourself is the key to your [...]

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Question by Confused about life: How can I afford this distance education program in civil engineering? I have discovered a civil engineering program that is ABET-accredited offered via distance education. However, at over $ 800/credit hour, I cannot afford to earn this degree, and I do not get tuition reimbursement as a benefit at work [...]