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Oh to do so much to do, today, tomorrow, next day Year peak of Chapendra And the days that seem to follow. Lately, I have massive lists then break them written down in lists under each small thing to do. So at least some level I can achieve something and then [to do] the full. [...]

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Question by golden_kryptonite: Where you think Distance Education will be in the next 5 years.? Do you think there will be Distance Education High Schools? Do you think more people will take distance ed courses? Do you think Distance Education will grow—or do you think Distance Education is a dying trend that will eventually fade? [...]

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Question by WitnessWoman: Iamgoing to homeschool my son next year,can anyone refer me to an inexpensive lessonplans? He will be in the 3rd grade and most homeschool places I looked into wants $ 60 per subject.. any other ideas? it is per subject like Math,english, etc…it is through Saxton at our homeschooling/teachers store $ 59.99 [...]