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Question by : How many college credits does it take to get an associate degree? I would like to know how many credits do you need in a community college in order to get an associates degree? Also what is better a master’s degree or an associate degree? Thanks very much for your help. Best [...]

question by Katie : How many college credits can be transferred to Vanderbilt University and not a transfer student must I am educated at home and at community college courses and courses in other locations. I want to apply and even qualify for the first year. Is there a limit per semester can I earn? [...]

Question by Lisa: How many college credits do you earn in a first semester online ? Im going to take college classes online and I need to know many credits I will learn in the first semester. Im taking four classes. Best answer: Answer by eriThat depends on how many credits the college has assigned [...]

Question by naruhina67: How many college credits do you need for freshman year to become a sophmore? So I’m taking a few AP classes in high school and I know if I pass the tests for them I will get college credit. I was just wondering how many college credits I need to be considered [...]

Question by love: how many college credits do I need to receive financial aid from fafsa? I am married and am taking 3 college credits (one class). We are paying for it out of pocket because I have money set aside for college that I have been using to pay my way. I only intend [...]