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question by Pablo : How does the 2 clubs in high school, college look at my CV My high school is only for about 5 years and they have only teams that were originally created by the faculty. I plan to talk to the client on the creation of an Asian club and film club. [...]

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question of love : What volunteer work or jobs look good on a college research I’m in high school and I want to either become a doctor or a dentist and I’m wondering what volunteer work or employment ….. well look back on a college I am also a teacher of this child … that’s [...]

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Question by ejmfc: How good does Student Council look on a college resume? I have been elected my 9th grade rep. I was rep in 7th and 8th grade at the same school (the school is a middle and high school combined with the same student council). I may want to transfer schools (if i [...]

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