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WAVA, is an excellent school for my child. She has more one on one learning time. A much bigger quality social life. Her Lessons are at her personal level of education tailored just for the student. There is no more standing on cold bus stops in the dark morning hours to get to an over [...]

OHVA looked good, so I put my 4.0 honors student @ OHVA to get AP courses. But buggy software rejected assignments and conflicting screens hid zeros. I wasn’t told she was failing until after their deadline. Despite multiple calls

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Ohio Virtual Academy – K12 Virtual Academy User Review I attended OHVA in my twelfth grade year and was completely dissatisfied with the school. The teachers are mediocre at best and don’t care about their job. I had to wait weeks to get assignments graded. Incoming search terms:ohio virtual academy reviews

K¹² states that they are the leader in online learning for grades K through 12 for two  reasons: they develop their own curriculum,  and they state that they are devoted to fulfilling the promise of education for every child.  K12 is a Virtual Academy using both computers and textbooks to fulfill the various requirements of [...]

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