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Question by irene: How can I start a homeschool for my 12 year old daughter? My daughter who is now sitting in 6th grade and is not happy about her school. She complains about her teachers and friends and tells me that she wants to homeschool next year. I’m a single parent and barely making [...]

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New homeschool table Image by mia3mom the girls’ "schoolroom" in our temporary home. There is a great frog numberline border, too!

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CA Homeschool Day Image by vastateparksstaff

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Question by Babygirl: What are the similarities and differences in homeschool verses public school? I have to write a comparative/contrast essay on homeschool vs. public school. I was just wondering if I could get some imput on the subject. I have a friend who homeschools her children and so I got a statement from her, [...]

Our new homeschool room Image by prayingmother

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