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question of love : What volunteer work or jobs look good on a college research I’m in high school and I want to either become a doctor or a dentist and I’m wondering what volunteer work or employment ….. well look back on a college I am also a teacher of this child … that’s [...]

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Question by ejmfc: How good does Student Council look on a college resume? I have been elected my 9th grade rep. I was rep in 7th and 8th grade at the same school (the school is a middle and high school combined with the same student council). I may want to transfer schools (if i [...]

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Question by Need to know: What’s a good school where I can get an online business degree cheap? I want a business degree online-mostly anyway, and it needs to be a cheaper, but respected school. Best answer: Answer by ownpoolStart by checking offerings of your state university. Add your own answer in the comments!

Question by Cynara: What’s a good distance learning/distance education university in Canada? I need to pick up one or two history credits for a degree I’m pursuing. I have my BA, but I’m changing fields. I work full-time, so distance education would work best for me. I need a reputable program where the courses start [...]

Question by I haz a bucket: K12 online school seems too good to be true? K12, an online school, is free of tuition and provides a loaner computer and printer. Is there a catch? Best answer: Answer by sha_lyn68The catch is that it is not really home-schooling. It is public school at home. You have [...]

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