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Question by XYZ: What kind of job can I get with an online MBA from an accredited university? I hold a Bachelor’s from an online university (accredited and has a campus) and I am about to start my MBA at the same institution. What are my chances to take a job? Is it very hard [...]

Question by : How would I List Activities on a College Resume if I am Transferring from One University to Another? I am currently a freshman at a large university in Missouri, but have plans to transfer to one of a few universities in Chicago. I am involved in a couple of activities, including a [...]

Question by Manapazza: What college credits can be transfered from Wilbur Wright College to Northeastern University? I plan to attend Wilbur Wright College for two full years to earn my associate’s degree, then plan to move on to Northeastern to earn a higher degree. My concern is what credits can be transfered from Wright College [...]

Question by ~Amarie~: Is an online MBA degree from Northeastern University worth pursuing? I am planning on attending law school but I have always considered earning an MBA also. I now work for a company that will pay 90% of tuition if it is business related. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Northeastern’s [...]

Earn your Master’s degree in Pharmacy ONLINE through University of Florida. No thesis. No relocation. Part time. PharmD not required – Bachelor’s or higher in any discipline welcome to apply. Take your career to the next level with specialties in: Pharmacy Regulation & Policy; Applied Pharmacoeconomics; Clinical Research Regulation & Ethics; Patient Safety & Risk [...]