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Question by bell09: Has anyone received their master’s degree online?? (especially in healthcare or education field? I am thinking about getting my master’s degree online, but a little skeptical about it. Do employers really hire people with online degrees? Do they care? Best answer: Answer by Tom JAs long as the college (online or campus [...]

Question by lynnz2005: Online Master’s Degree? I am considering doing an online Master’s Degree through an accredited university. My worst fear, however, is that this degree will not be seen as “legit” or be taken as seriously as a traditional degree. That last thing I want is for a future employer to pass up my [...]

Tagged with , , Leila Crouse, a public health educator from Southern California, was able to complete her Masters degree online through Western Governors University while working full time and caring for a family of six. Selected to speak at the WGU Winter Commencement, Crouse shares her experiences and talks about the benefits of earning her degree online [...]

Question by sweetbrowneyedgirl64: About how much does an online degree master’s degree program cost? And do most accept Pell Grants ? Best answer: Answer by Sandy JMay be this site can help you Add your own answer in the comments!

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Question by : How many college credits does it take to get an associate degree? I would like to know how many credits do you need in a community college in order to get an associates degree? Also what is better a master’s degree or an associate degree? Thanks very much for your help. Best [...]