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I KEEP ON RUNNING INTO PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMESCHOOLING THESE DAYS. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING IT AND HOW DID YOU GET INTO IT? Ive been doing it for four years and I found out about it through my cousin. Actually, I homeschooled [my son] through public school the first year, cyber charter for [...]

Question by ? xox_: I started Cyber School today on K12, and I am having a bit of a problem? I have Marcy Hartman as a teacher on K12, I had to do 1.01 The Basics in Online Learning, and i am just wondering after doing that if i go on to the next part [...]

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PA Distance Learning is a Tuition-Free Cyber Charter School in the state of Pennsylvania. This video was featured in Pittsburgh on KDKA’s Showcase Pittsburgh. Going to an online school isn’t for everyone but it’s the Practical Option to: – The “one-size-fits-all” school model – Home schooling alone – An assembly line, industrial-style school approach – [...]

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Question by Elle: Cyber schooling- Is it possible to take Ap or Honors classes? Can you take Ap and Honors classes in any of the cyber school programs like K12 and etc? Also, what are some good ways to convince parents that this is a good idea and to let me enroll in cyber school? [...]