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Question by bell09: Has anyone received their master’s degree online?? (especially in healthcare or education field? I am thinking about getting my master’s degree online, but a little skeptical about it. Do employers really hire people with online degrees? Do they care? Best answer: Answer by Tom JAs long as the college (online or campus [...]

Question by voluntative: Does anyone have any experience with pursuing a Nursing degree online? I am thinking about getting an LVN license from an online college… Is it difficult finding employment with an online nursing degree? Best answer: Answer by Diane AImpossible, period. Forget that route. No one will hire a nurse trained on line [...]

Question by lil lady: Just wondering if anyone has gone through an online nursing program? How does it compare to the class room? I really want to get my nursing degree, but don’t have the time right now to be in a time commitment in a traditional class-room setting. I’m hoping someone has had luck [...]

question of voodoo : Who has experience taking an online nursing degree class at the University of Phoenix ? I wonder what someone experiences with this. I live in Washnington state. Online classes are great and all, but how do you really earn a nursing degree at home online with no hands and laboratory experience [...]

Question by four_my_kidz: Does anyone know the web address for a Washington state free virtual homeschooling academy? Best answer: Answer by magnamammaI am interested also! Here are some links that I found off of a google searsh, “Washington State Free Virtual Homeshcooling Academy.” Good luck, and thanks for the opportunity to read up on it! [...]