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Question by sweetbrowneyedgirl64: About how much does an online degree master’s degree program cost? And do most accept Pell Grants ? Best answer: Answer by Sandy JMay be this site can help you Add your own answer in the comments!

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Question by dentakleen: How is it like taking an online degree? Im thinking about doing my Master’s Degree at a Public University? I am a Junior in college, and I will be applying to graduate school next year. I live in New York. I am thinking about doing a Master’s Degree online at CUNY or [...]

question of srs5225 : I worry about reliability of the Phoenix metro, etc, but I need to get an online business degree. Any suggestions? I want to get a bachelor’s degree in business, eventually an MBA. However, my work schedule makes it almost impossible for traditional classes. I thought, University of Phoenix, but I’m worried [...]

Question by Ao: What do you think about COVA (Colorado Virtual Academy)? Are their courses good for high school? How much time a day do you spend? or is it better for you to learn through making your own curriculum and why? Speak from your experience Thanks! Best answer: Answer by Grammie CI don’t know [...]

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Trivia Game about the Olympics is a Fun, Free, Educational Activity for Students of All Ages Baltimore, MD, (Vocus) August 18, 2008 – Connections Academy, leading virtual public school, announced today the release of its latest Quiz Bowl Challenge – a [...]