Top 10 Schoolbag essentials for your SOS High School Kit: Hi guys, For this month’s Girl Talk episode- we’ll be talking about ‘Surviving High School’. I know High School started recently for you guys so I hope this will be a helpful video. This video is put together by fellow students who shared their best advice through twitter and facebook. This is a lengthy video. I apologize if it’s too long but I really wanted to make sure I wouldn’t miss crucial details. There was a lot of information to condense into one video. I’ll be covering topics such as fitting in, friendship, boyfriends, goals and bullying. High School is going to be a dramatic period of your life whether you like it or not. Good news is you’re allowed to make lots of mistakes because its the time for experimentation. You’ll learn so much in High School. I remember hating school back then but now I look back and I realize it was one of the best times in my life. After High School? Things get so much more complicated lol so make the most out of your teen years. Remember whatever you are feeling in High School, you are not alone. I was bullied during High School and I came out fine right? You guys will be alright. I promise you. Set your priorities straight and stay focused. You’re not in School to be Miss Popular. You’re in School to prepare for your future. I didn’t want this video to be just about doing well. I also wanted to make sure you guys will look after your bodies by staying