Question by Betsy: Online nursing . . .?
I’m moving up to Maine to live with my family due to financial constraints. I want to get a degree in nursing, but there’s nothing really up there, and I’m starting from scratch. I’m going to have to go to college online. All the online schools I’ve looked at have nursing programs that build on being an RN — they do not help you get an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s in Nursing. Can you only get the initial degree in person? Or is there an online school that offers the degree?

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah S
What you want to do is contact an Online School finder.

There are a lot of programs like Education Connection and Kaplan University who will help connect you with a program that suits you best.

What you do is call them or fill out the form on their site and then they match you with an online college program for whatever degree you’re after.

There is also a newer program called Test Drive College that lets you take an online college course for free and see if it’s right for you. You can find them at

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