Hey Mommas, I thought you might want to venture through Tom Jones’ 2-cent blog where there is discussion going on about whether or not the child is actually drinking a beer at a recent Rays game. Some people claim that the fraud. Others wonder what’s the big thing. Well, if it is really a beer and if that is really small, it is illegal. But go look and decide for yourself. Read more about St. Petersburg Times

more bounce to the ounce on the Boeing I took my two children Boing Jump Center in Tampa (but really close to Brandon) and some of them refused for some time now. It’s not Inflatables, but trampolines – the floors and walls. I’ll write more about it in the next few weeks, but let’s just say if you want to tire the children out, this is the place to go. Meanwhile I wanted to tell you about Boeing Just to come to Saturday. For … Read more about St. Petersburg Times

Rent movies on the road I survived the 10-day vacation that included two 12-hour drive. I’m not proud of it, but it included a large number of movies rented. Judge away, but without them it would be 12 hours, “Leave my brother alone” and “No I do not know what eagles eat or all of the words for ‘mother’ in other languages go back to mind your brother ..” My secret, my some way of the warrior, the Red Hi. In … Read more about St. Petersburg Times