Question by : Managers: Between 2 equally qualified people, would you hire the one who earned their MBA online or in person?
I really want to hear from people who have experience hiring. If you had to choose between two applicants who are 100% equally qualified and have all the same experience and personality traits to bring to the position but have just one difference–one earned their MBA online and the other in person–which would you choose? Assume that the online MBA was earned from a highly reputable online program and the MBA earned in person was earned from a typical public university program. Please explain your answer.

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Answer by Alyssa Staheli
Honestly, it depends on what the job is for. If it’s a job that requires a lot of computer time, then I’d pick the online school applicant. However, if it’s for a job that requires lots of face-to-face interaction with clients or customers, then I’d pick the guy who got his degree in person. If the job requires a little of both, I’d still pick the in-person guy; getting your degree on campus still requires computer skills.

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