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Colegio de San Juan de Letran (CSJL) (also known as San Juan de Letran College (SJLC), Letran College (LC) or simply Letran), was founded in 1620. Letran is a private Catholic university in Intramuros, Manila, Philippinen.Das Colegio is owned and managed by the priests of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) of the Philippine Dominican Province. The school has a rich and proud history and holds the distinction of producing with Philippine presidents, revolutionary heroes, poets, legislators, members of the clergy, lawyers, and is the only Philippine school, a Catholic saint who brought actually lived and studied in has its original campus. The campus consists of two statues, the two foremost alumni in the fields of secular and religious service: Manuel L. Quezon and St. Vicente Liem de la Paz.Zitat of Don Juan Geromino Guerrero in 1620, a retired Spanish officer, in Intramuros as the Colegio de Niños de San Juan de Letran Huerfanos founded. The school was designed to educate and mold orphans founded on good Christian at the same time Bürgern.Etwa Diego de Santa Maria, OP Colegio de San Pedro y San Huerfanos de Pablo. As Don Guerrero grew old, the two schools were merged under the name of Colegio de San Juan de Letran was declared 60 years Letran.Nach an ecclesiastical college. A royal decree on May 1865 pronounced Letran as a “College of the First Class.” Around this time was a school exclusively for Letran Jungen.Während of World War II, Letran suspended classes and the school was changed into a Japanese garrison. After the war, Letran operations. Several new projects were initiated to the old structures damaged by the war ersetzen.Die school has for students in their college department in the 1970s, while accepting the elementary school and high school departments started female enrollees in June 2005.