question of lea5459 : k12 online school ORVA Oregon Virtual Academy, it is legitimate ?
I am looking at online schools I travel, I’m in the 8th Class, middle school and high school we were called by a k12 virtual academy ORVA Oregon, does anyone know if this is a legit online school? someone said it’s not actually in Oregon at all, it is in Maryland? and if it is not legitimate, and good ones out there for Oregon, since no one is for my district, I live in Eagle Point Oregon to Medford Best Answer.

answer by Rosalyn N
Yes, it is legitimate! It could be incorporated into Maryland, but all onlne charter schools are sponsored by an Oregon school district. There are quite a few online schools in Oregon: Clackamas Web AcademyEdChoicesInsight OregonKaplan-AkademieOregon compounds AkademieOregon Virtual Academy, these are the ones I know and I know people in each. It could be more! It is always be a very popular option for home schoolers and others.

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