Question by Ari: k12? ?
i’m thinking about trying k12 this year, because i’d like to start schooling from home asap. my mom wont have a chance to ‘teach’ me until maybe next year, where we said we could try homeschooling then. but i think that i can just do the k12 program this year until next year comes.

is it too late to apply for k12?
and does it work?
if i were doing the online public school version of it, i wouldnt have to still ‘file’ for homeschooling right? cuz id still be going to public schooll…is this homeschooling??
btw, my k12 program would be CAVA
i dont need my parents with me when im online schooling?

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Answer by ozboz48
You’re right. You won’t have to file any paperwork with the state. CAVA is a public school. You will, however be required to take mandatory public school tests, such as the START exam.

Some people would tell you that using a virtual public school is not homeschooling. I would respectfully disagree with this.

Depending on your age and needs, you might need a parent or other adult around.

All the best.

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