Question by cyannan: Is anyone currently or recently enrolled in Connections Academy or k12 virtual academy?
I’m specifically interested in high school level students who moved into this program after doing poorly in regular public education. (failing grades, social difficulties, etc.) Are you improving? Is the flexibility helpful? Does the absence of peers/pressure help you learn without the “drama” of high school?

Thanks for your input.

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Answer by Che’
I am a high school student who faced social difficulty and I then enrolled in K12 it helped me a lot. I personaly like it better then public school. K12 sends you everything you need. The computer, Books, Art supplies, English supplies, a Microscope, Science materials, History materials, Math supplies, and much more. This also includes a printer. K12 is a good school. You also pay a month for internet connection. It also improves GPA and IQ. K12 is a good school. I hope this helps.

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