Question by ~Amarie~: Is an online MBA degree from Northeastern University worth pursuing?
I am planning on attending law school but I have always considered earning an MBA also. I now work for a company that will pay 90% of tuition if it is business related. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Northeastern’s online MBA degree. What is the cost? How good is the program? Is it one of the best online MBA degrees out there or are there others more recommended? Thank you!
I am looking for information from students who have attended the university for the MBA program. Thank you.

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Answer by Zeema O
hey there ,

sorry not an answer for your question

But i wanted to ask you an MBA question

I am applying do MBA this september and am filling the applications forms, there is a bit that say write a personal mission statement, your career goal and why you want to do MBA.

I know its all personal and individual question but i will be grateful for any ideas opinions


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