Question by Paul B: If i have chosen to homeschool what age should I start homeschooling?
I have told my ex wife that I will homeschool our 3 year old to save money. Normally school is at age 4 but what age should homeschool start?
Also does anyone know if there is state-money available for doing this?

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Answer by desmeran
formal kindergarten, at least in the U.S., doesn’t start until age 5. obviously if your child is home, you’re “teaching” all the time, and obviously there’s a lot you can teach a 3- or 4-year-old. but if you mean worksheets and so on, I’d wait until then. before 5 or 6, learning through play and physical experiences and reading aloud and so on are the best way to go. if you’re really going to homeschool, consider spending these couple years reading up on both education and child development.

eta — tkd chick — damn. you’re right. usually i catch that.

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