Question by monkeyundermypillow: I want to take distance education, is it worth it?
Most places don’t offer full distance education, I found a place, but it isn’t a degree or diploma, just a program. I was interested in Legal Assistant. I am currently on maternity leave and just want to be able to help out my family. The course is 10k and I just wonder if employers will recognize this program or if they just look for popular universities and colleges here in Canada. Thanks!

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Answer by Cindy D
I honestly don’t know what they would look for in Canada. I can tell you that in the U.S. a degree is ALWAYS preferred over a certificate. And 10,000 is a LOT of money for just a certificate.
Online programs do offer flexibility of schedule. But I would consider trying a half & half program if you can find one. Here in Texas, many of our community colleges are starting to offer complete online degrees in certain subject areas.
I would keep searching if I were you. My entire associate’s degree will only cost me about $ 14,000.

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