Question by : How would I List Activities on a College Resume if I am Transferring from One University to Another?
I am currently a freshman at a large university in Missouri, but have plans to transfer to one of a few universities in Chicago. I am involved in a couple of activities, including a sorority, and I would like to list both my high school and college activities on a resume for submission. How do I list college activities on a college resume if I am transferring? Any help would be great! :)

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Answer by Maggie ????????
They don’t care – once in college your entire highschool record is generally considered “your past” (ancient history) and not considered relevant in the slightest. Any college “activities” are your business, and they don’t care about them either (unless you’re on a sports team) — as college is about your “academic achievments/grades”, period.

Your social life is of no concern whatsoever.

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