Question by Justin: How to earn college credits for liberals degree?
How does the whole college system work? I am planning to go to a community college and maybe major in Autobody Repair & Painting. I think that the degree I would be earning from that would be like an AAS, right? I’m not too sure. But yah, I have a friend that says he couldn’t get into his major at the moment so he is currently going for his liberals. What is a liberals degree good for? How many credits, or how long would it take to this? Or how does the credit system work with math, english, and all those other classes?

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Answer by Patryk
I think you are referring to a liberal arts degree, which is basically a degree that does not set up up for a specific job unlike engineering or autobody repair and painting like yours. The degrees are like History, English, Philosophy, stuff like that. If you want to do autobody repair/painting, I would not even consider getting any liberal arts degree.

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