Question by babydoll32: How many college credits should I take with a new baby?
I am currently a college junior and will be having my first baby in late august. I was just wondering from other student-mothers how many credit hours you would recommend that I take during the fall semester. I am planning on doing mostly online courses, and I will not be working more than 15 hours/week if at all. I am currently majoring in family dynamics and human development, and in the past I have found myself able to manage around 14-16 credits comfortably.

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Answer by babyg
You should at less take 3 or 4 classes.. and that 9-12 credits.. Because you can be stress about the baby and going to school.. I know important is education but your baby need you around that time.. So you have take easy and take care of your baby… It maybe take more time to graudation but your baby need your love and need a lot of your caring.. And when you have like mid-terms or finals try to ask someone to help you babysit… for few hours… Everything is different when you have young baby at home and going to school at the same time.. and working is going to be very stress ful…. For now you should relax and do what you can for the spring semester and go from there… and when you finally get your degree you be happy and you happy that your baby was there to make you forget all the stress ful things…

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