Question by dentakleen: How is it like taking an online degree? Im thinking about doing my Master’s Degree at a Public University?
I am a Junior in college, and I will be applying to graduate school next year.

I live in New York.

I am thinking about doing a Master’s Degree online at CUNY or SUNY.

How is it like taking a degree online?

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Answer by Dr. ReneC
That is a very broad question, as there are various methods of online instruction. However, for the most part it involves the use of individual and group written assignments such as papers, discussions conducted in an online board. These methods are asynchronous, meaning you attend at various times that may be different from others. Other more advanced institutions are using webcasting, podcasting, PowerPoint voiced lectures, live chats, etc.

Having been in this industry for over 10 years as an instructor and before as a student, I have seen this method of facilitation of course grow significantly through the years taking advantage of the newest technology in most cases. I have been involved with nearly 15 different institutions at different capacities as a consultant, course developer, and instructor. The principal advantage is flexibility, but such advantage requires personal discipline (the main disadvantage). If the course is done properly, the instructor is involved and available to you daily. This may not be at the same time you are, but the response to your questions should come within 24 hours.

There are tons of traditional schools, colleges, and universities offering full programs online. Check out your state colleges to see what they have. This site has a listing of schools offering online degrees by state.

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