Question by Wonhs: How does homeschool work in the state of Washington?
Im in high school and thinking about starting homeschool this year. I know theres a bunch of different ways and it all depends on the state/city. Im in Federal Way, WA. Can someone please tell me if you get a booklet to do or is it all up to the parents. I just wana know what method they use here. Thanks

PS. I know I can call and ask but I never get a straight answer from them.

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Answer by hoamsch1
For homeschooling its your parents.

First off, you need to know the laws. This is a very short summary in my own words. One of your parents needs to either have 45 college credits OR take a homeschool qualifying course, OR work under the supervision of a certified teacher.

There is a long list of subjects you must cover Occupational education, science, math, language, social studies, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, music and art appreciation. They don’t specify how long, how often, or by what method these courses should be covered in. However, technically to graduate as a homeschooler in Washington State you do need to meet the minimum graduation requirements for all students, that is 3 credits English, 3 Credits Math, 2 credits Science (one of which must be a lab science), 2.5 credits of Social studies (including 1 of US history and 1/2 of Washington State History), 1/2 credit Health, 2 Credits PE, Occupational Education 1 Credit. The rest are electives your total should add up to at least 19 credits. (These are the minimum requirements, not what you will need for college, that is considerably more).

Your parents must file a Declaration of Intent to homeschool with the local superintendent every year, and must maintain records of your standardized test scores, your academic records (think report card), and your immunization records.

Every year you need to take a standardized test, or have an evaluation performed by a certified teacher, but it doesn’t have to be the Public School disaster known as the WASL. There is a long list of acceptable tests. I don’t have it handy right now.

Some acceptable tests can be obtained through:

More info on the laws in our state, and local support groups, can be obtained from:

There is also an option in Washington to do Public School at home. This is not, from a legal standpoint, homeschooling, but some people like it. You can find out more about that at:

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