Question by Tori :) : How do I get my drivers permit in K12? And is it too late enroll?
I asked my mom if I could get into the CAVA program, which is an online public high school. She said yes and I’ve researched everything that I could and really liked it. But she was wondering how would I get my drivers permit? Do I take the drivers ed class in K12?
And is it too late to enroll in the program?

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Answer by ASD & DYS Mum
You’ll have to check with CAVA about enrollment deadlines.

K12 doesn’t have driver’s ed. But CAVA may have a way for you to take driver’s ed. They may work out a deal with your local public school district.

You can also use a curriculum like Driver Ed in a Box:

If drivers ed is mandated for all public schools in the state (CAVA is one), then they’ll have a way to teach it.

Just ask them when you ask about the enrollment deadline. I wouldn’t let something that minor affect my decision to enroll in CAVA.

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