Question by icesk8er: High school?
I’m preparing to go into high school tomorrow (Aug 29). I’m terrified to go, and I’m worried about making friends since all of my other friends are attending another high school since they changed all of the high school boundaries this last year. I’m planning on being on the swim team, and joining a club or two. I’m really nervous and have cried myself to sleep a few nights being so worried about it. I’m really nervous as to what kids will think about me since I have chronic pain and many kids think that I’m faking pain so they are very mean to me. i’m going to be a sophomore (this is the first year in high school where I live becuse your freshman year is done in jr. high) Any suggestions for making this transition better?

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Answer by Answer Fairy
Uh, first of all…. RELAX. If you are all spazzed out, no one is going to want to talk to you. Think about how many other people are feeling the same way you are. It’s easy to make friends. Make sure to wear something that makes you feel really good and confident. Just smile and talk to whoever is closest to you. It’s what I do. You’re not going to be friends with every body. People are going to be mean to you. But if you are smart, and stay positive, people will like you. People like me. I am not always best friends with everybody but at least nobody hates me.

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