Question by writrprincess3333: does anyone know how to homeschool in high school without enrolling in a virtual academy?
I’ve been homeschooling for awhile, and it’s almost time for high school, but i don’t want to mess with that virtual school stuff. plz help if you can

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Answer by sqlguy
Virtual School is a new thing. I think it’s probably not very good, in most implementations. It’s just like having a bunch of workbooks to do, like the ABEKA “curriculum”, for example.

Homeschooling can be done with some creativity and parental support, if you have enough motivation. You can use a combination of textbooks, original source material readings, your own curiosity and creative pursuits. You can do portfolio work, volunteer work, apprenticeships, or any other sort of study that advances your education.

Try reading some books by John Holt. You could also look at the teaching methods in an alternative high school, and apply that to your own situation.

You can operate within a broad spectrum of possibilities, from just following along in the work in a good textbook, to some of the more eclectic possibilities out there.

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