Question by The Mommy of Os: Distance education?
Looking to go back to school, have to do distance (online) I am still stuck on what to do.. I need to do some sort of healthcare, however worry about some of these schools. I need to be certified after I do the schooling- not just have some new knowledge. I have a huge fear of death so nurseing is out of the question- Need something that is in demand and will pay the bills. Any ideas?

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Answer by poofu02
MSU-Bottineau is an accredited school. They offer many online 2-year programs in the areas of:
Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Advertising and Marketing, Medical Assistant, Medical Secretary, Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Paraeducation, Recreation Management and so on. Financial aid is available for these programs. Being located in North Dakota, they are a smaller campus and their tuition is lower. Hope this helps, thanks!

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