Designer at Invo
Online Business Degree

Image by juhansonin
Interface Designer
Involution Studios
Boston, MA
Full-time or contract

Do you want to design, code, and build beautiful, amazing services
and products that ship? We’re looking for a passionate and tech-
obsessed designer that wants to work in a small studio with people who will stretch their mind and skills.

You will:
* design pixel-perfect mockups and create fully interactive, working
* get your hands dirty in HTML, CSS, javascript, and similar tools
* use and give back to open source-based solutions
* design people into situations, not out of them
* raise the design IQ of the studio and
ultimately become a design jedi.

* Degree in design or engineering
* A multi-disciplinary and system engineering approach to design
* A thorough understanding of interface design principles
* An understanding of fundamental engineering principles
* An online portfolio of work exhibiting success designing beautiful
products that have actually shipped

Contact me, Juhan Sonin