Question by mkt360: College resume…?
I moved from India just in time for my second semester of Freshman year. My grades in India were….not good. I’ve tried to raise my GPA since and now, at the end of my sophomore year it stands at 3.65. I do have a long list of accomplishments from India (Govt. of India scholarship for music, graduation in a particular style of dance, black belt in a recognized style of Karate and dubbings and jingles for commercials and movies). I know that that doesnt sound bad, but I’m worried because I dont have any credentials from the US. Right from the time I moved upto now, I never had anyone to pick my up from school in case of extra-curriculars. As a result, I’ve done NOTHING since I’ve come here. What kind of stuff can I take up to make my college resume look good? I do want to go to a good school. Is that even possible? Please help!! Thanx!
In response to noble_savage question, I am very interested in Journalistic things. Also love cultural things. Music, dance, literature, I love ‘em all. I also love doing something that is physically strenuous and anything that forces me to push beyond my limits, actually. Hope that answers your question!

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Answer by Tracey O
well i think the fact that you have activities from india make your resume stand out from everyone elses. but it would help to get in activities from yours school. student council, national honor society, SPEECH & DEBATE, and whatever club souns good to you.

don’t forget community service!!!

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