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wel im a sernior in high school, and I have to start it, my college applications for my resume. can anyone point me to the guidelines, or perhaps an example of a thank Best Answer:

response from ktna23
This is the format i used, just like most girls at my school name address, phone # SS # E-mail training dates attended senior secondary schools besuchtgpavielleicht closing date awards / honors (school and extracurricular related) academic, artistic, sporting description get clubs Years / notes / activities / leadership name of the club / activity, title of position, dates of participation, description of activities community service organization, title of your position, date of service, opening times, description of the service work experience employer, title of your position , date of employment, description of the position activities in summer travel abroad summer sports, internships, leadership ProgrammenIch hope that was clear and that it helps a bit. If you need more help I’m here. that’s what I spend much of my time on. :)

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