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Question by ejmfc: How good does Student Council look on a college resume? I have been elected my 9th grade rep. I was rep in 7th and 8th grade at the same school (the school is a middle and high school combined with the same student council). I may want to transfer schools (if i [...]

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Question by Joe: How important are sports on my college resume? I’m thinking about not playing golf next year for my high school because i dont like a lot of the people on the team and would much rather play with my friends. Is this going to hurt my college resume or something because i [...]

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Question by Eric: How do I start building a college resume? I just finished my first year in college, and I hear that it is important for me to start building a resume. Stuff like work experience, honor society, internships, and all that stuff that you can put onto a resume that would make you [...]

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Ioffer a wide variety of video services including shooting sports videos. This sample is a resume video for a college bound student to show potential college coaches. It highlights the skills of the player and can lead to a scholarship. I get a lot of sports video work from For more information on my [...]

Question by mkt360: College resume…? I moved from India just in time for my second semester of Freshman year. My grades in India were….not good. I’ve tried to raise my GPA since and now, at the end of my sophomore year it stands at 3.65. I do have a long list of accomplishments from India [...]

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