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Question by Yahoo A: What school has cheapest distance education classes? What 4 year university has the CHEAPEST distance education classes. That’s all I care about. Doesn’t have to be Yale. But needs to be transferable and CHEAPEST in the whole USA. Please… USA only. CHEAPEST needs to be below $ 90 per semester credit [...]

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question of lea5459 : k12 online school ORVA Oregon Virtual Academy, it is legitimate ? I am looking at online schools I travel, I’m in the 8th Class, middle school and high school we were called by a k12 virtual academy ORVA Oregon, does anyone know if this is a legit online school? someone said [...]

Chicago Virtual Charter School – This is a public charter school with curriculum by K12 Inc, a leading nationwide curriculum and education provider. Not exactly homeschool, it’s virtual school, funded by the state. The program provides books, materials, computers, teachers, and access to top curriculum online. Video Rating: 0 / 5