Question by crossing_the_rubicon: Can someone who registered for K12 do their classwork in the afternoon?
I am going to help my sister when she starts the K12 program this year and I wanted to know if she can do her classwork in the afternoon since I have morning classes.

Also, about how long will she be on the computer everyday doing classwork?

btw she is going to be in the 12th grade this year.


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Answer by SlimJim
K12 sells their curriculum in three different marketing styles. In some of them the answer is yes and in some of them the answer is no.

They sell to public schools.
They sell to private schools.
And they sell to parents who wish to run their own homeschool.

In the last one, yes, of course you could help your sister as long as your parents agreed.
In the other two, it depends on how the school administrators have the program set up. A lot of them do let you do your work whenever you want, but a few have online chat times that you must attend. A few use a mix of online and textbooks where you might go meet for local classes once or twice a week and a small number even send a teacher to your house each week to check on what you are doing. Computer time will vary with the program and with how fast you can work and type.

The k12 is very flexible by itself and some programs let you sign up anytime and work as fast as you want. These are usually the private schools that allow this. But not always. Most of the public cyber schools like to follow a more traditional school-year calendar, so the consulting teachers keep regular business hours and have a designated starting date.

Bottom line: You will have to contact her school to know what they do..

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